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The April 6th Salute for Charlie Davies

Coming Soon...

Today, the American soccer blogosphere comes together for a worthy cause.  The TDA stands with The Shin Guardian and Jay Bell, who have created this top-notch tribute for US Soccer star Charlie Davies.  CD9 is rehabbing from a serious car accident that left him at death’s door.  Six months later, he’s proving doubters, doctors, and pretty much everyone else wrong who said his severe injuries would keep him from World Cup 2010.

Here’s to TSG, Jay Bell, and everyone else who orchestrated and repped this.  You can find the link below:

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TSG + TDA: The World Exclusive

We gotta show some serious love to The Shin Guardian, which featured the Tony Danza Army on their top soccer site.  TSG is seriously making waves in the American soccer community, wedding a very committed and talented staff with some excellent and insightful regular posters.  You can catch their article on the Tony Danza Army here at

We’d also like to welcome any visiting TSG members to our group.  The TDA are passionate fans, supporting a championship team run by a hardcore-friendly organization.  So if you reside in or around LA, live the Beautiful Game, and want to be part of something truly special in American soccer culture, give us a shout on the email (  Welcome to the Tony Danza Army!

Max Goldman

Tony Danza Army

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Curious Yet? A History Lesson

You might be here because of your love for the USMNT, but if you live in or near LA, there’s more to this story:

MARCH 2007: A group of red-clad crazies welcomed Toronto FC into MLS.  The unparalleled fan support taught MLS fans to raise the bar at their respective clubs.

MARCH 2009: The boys in rave green take U.S. soccer to a new level.  Sounders FC becomes ground zero for American soccer atmosphere.  We get a glimpse of what the sport can be in this country.


Tony Danza Army begins to form at Pali Blues games.  They sing, stand, and raise hell for 90 minutes, showing women’s soccer something it’s never seen.  The crowd loves it.  Management loves it.  The league fears it.  Opponents fold under it.  Pali feeds on it.

One season later, we’re USL champions again and reloading for a big 2010.  If you’re in LA, join up with us for the next step in the American soccer revolution.  And you thought this was just a big league thing…

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Coming this Summer: US Soccer

The Tony Danza Army is preparing for this summer’s World Cup and pulling out all the stops with a theatrical length trailer for US Soccer.

Regardless of which semipro women’s soccer team you support, we can all get behind the Yanks.

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Who we are, What we do, Why we do it

We are the Tony Danza Army, the world’s most famous women’s soccer supporters club.

We support the Pali Blues, a USL W-League side who has won the league championship in both years of their existence.  While going undefeated, the Blues have been buoyed time and again by their crazed, hardcore fans that give them a considerable home advantage.  For 90 minutes, we stand, chant, raise banners, swing flags, and tirelessly urge Pali on.  Semiprofessional women’s soccer is not known for its atmosphere, but the TDA is changing that by turning Temescal Road into a veritable fortress every match.

Since its inception, our group has received acclaim on top soccer blogs and praise from several USL coaches.  But there’s more to the Tony Danza Army than that.  Ultimately, we’re a group of amiable young guys and gals who like to have a good time and enjoy a sporting event.  Yes, we’re loud.  Yes, we get a little wild.  However, we’re also characterized as a friendly group by coaches, players, staff, and other fans alike.  We don’t condone violence, racism, or any unlawful behavior that typically defines “hooliganism”.  Instead, we will show up every home game, rain or shine, and cheer our lungs out until Pali emerges victorious.  We have a blast and are currently making plans for the 2010 season, so join us this summer at Pali High for a fan experience like you’ve never imagined.

Tony Danza Army